Why You Should Travel at Least Once in Your Lifetime – A Retrospective

Why You Should Travel at Least Once in Your Lifetime – A Retrospective: a blog about traveling abroad, the benefits behind it, and why you should travel.

Traveling to me is the most important of these three choices. The benefits of traveling are numerous and varied. Travel can have a positive psychological impact, making you happier, more open minded, and knowledgeable. You learn about different cultures and gain an appreciation for other people’s way of life. It is one thing to read about another country or culture in a book or on the internet but it is another thing to experience that place with all your senses. I find that I am much more interested in learning about places that I have visited because I can visualize what I am reading about. In addition, traveling can have a positive physical impact on your health. Studies have shown that people who take regular vacations are healthier than those who do not. The increased stress levels that come along with working long hours are greatly diminished when you take time off from work and travel.

With all these benefits, why aren’t more people traveling? There are many reasons why people choose not to travel. Some of these reasons include lack of time, money, and fear. In my opinion, the biggest reason why more

Why You Should Travel at Least Once in Your Lifetime – A Retrospective

Jul 2, 2015


“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” -St. Augustine of Hippo

By the time I was 18, I had been out of my home country, the United States, five times. By the time I was 20, nine. In my 22 years on this Earth, I have traveled to 16 countries over 6 continents. There are 196 countries on this Earth and I have seen just slightly more than 8% of them. I have met some interesting people along the way: Some good, some bad, but all memorable nonetheless. However, it’s not the people you meet while traveling that matters; it’s what you find within yourself that changes your life forever. Without further ado, here’s why you should travel at least once in your lifetime:

1. It opens your eyes to different cultures and viewpoints

You can’t learn about other cultures by reading a textbook or watching a documentary on television; You must experience it for yourself. Take it from me: No amount of pictures or videos can truly prepare you for what you will see when traveling abroad for the first time—especially if

I had a very interesting discussion with a friend of mine last night about traveling. She had never traveled outside of the country, and she was eager to hear my thoughts on the matter. I told her that she should travel at least once in her lifetime, and this is a retrospective on why you should travel.

I have traveled to over two dozen countries, and the main thing I learned is that the world is not as scary as the media portrays it.

Everywhere I have traveled to, I’ve been welcomed by friendly faces and beautiful scenery. Of course, there are always going to be bad apples in every bunch, but you can’t let that prevent you from embracing what life has in store for you.

I have experienced so many things in my travels – things I would have never seen if I had stayed home. Being abroad has taught me so much about life and humanity, and it has given me an appreciation for different cultures and traditions.

I hope that you take my words into consideration and choose to travel at least once in your lifetime; you won’t regret it!

Around a year ago I started this travel blog. The first article that was posted on the site was Why You Should Travel at Least Once in Your Lifetime. If you look at the comments section, you’ll notice that I have a few people both agreeing and disagreeing with my opinion. As the months roll by I’ve continued to write about traveling abroad and even some other topics, but never really had a chance to answer back to those who disagreed with me.

I’m not going to argue with anyone who states that traveling is a waste of time, money, or any other resource because quite frankly, it is not for everyone. However, I do want to explain why I think traveling is important for each and every one of us.

A couple weeks ago I read an interesting article about how humans are hardwired to be nomads, but for most of us this is no longer an option. Since this change occurred in our genes we still have the desire to explore as much as possible through our own minds or by physically doing so. Many people may find this strange, but it makes sense when you start thinking about it.

The main reason behind why we should all travel at least once in our lifetime is because it forces us out of our comfort zone, which

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to a foreign country? Ever wanted to learn another language? Maybe the thought of it has crossed your mind…but you’ve never really thought to do it. I want to tell you why you should travel, and how it will change your life!

Traveling is one of the best ways to invest in yourself, as well as an investment in humanity. I believe that everyone should be exposed to other cultures and countries at least once in their lifetime. Travel broadens your perspective, inspires you, and helps you grow into a more mature adult.

That’s why I made it my mission to travel abroad at least once a year after I graduated from college. So far, I’ve been backpacking through South East Asia for six months, lived in Paris for five months, studied abroad in Madrid for four months, and traveled through Europe during my semester breaks (a total of 6 months). It’s been an amazing experience so far…and I know that there’s much more traveling to come!

By traveling, these are the things that you will gain:

In my early teens I didn’t really have a reason to travel. But as I got older, the desire to explore foreign countries was ever present in my mind. I wanted to see how other cultures live and interact with one another. I wanted to learn more than what could be found in a textbook or on Google.

In the summer of 2007, when I was a sophomore in high school, my family and I took a three-week trip throughout Europe. We visited England, France, Italy and Switzerland. It was an amazing adventure, but one that wouldn’t truly sink in until later years.

I had been outside of the United States before – we traveled to Mexico once a year – but Europe was different. The language barrier was immense; English is not widely spoken in the countries we visited. That meant we had to adapt to their way of life: eating dinner at 10 or 11 p.m., walking nearly everywhere rather than driving, trying new foods (i.e., escargot).

The whole experience gave me a sense of independence and self-confidence that I had not felt before. When we returned from our trip, it seemed as if everyone was interested in hearing about it. They wanted to know what places we visited, what the food

I have always been that person who dreams to travel the world. I always got jealous of my friends who would go on family vacations, or even just a weekend getaway. I loved to hear their stories, and see pictures of their trips. It always made me want to pack my bags and leave, but unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to do so. The reason being that my parents never wanted me to travel without them, because they didn’t want me to fly alone. They were afraid something bad might happen while I was traveling, or even while I was at my destination.

I am thankful for them being overprotective of me, but at the same time it frustrated me a lot, because all I ever wanted was to go somewhere where no one had gone before or experienced what it was like to be in another country.

A few years went by where I didn’t think about traveling much. But as soon as I turned 18, I knew it was time for me to start planning my first big trip abroad. In the beginning, my parents would still freak out whenever I told them about the places I would like to visit and how far away from home those places were going to be. They tried everything in their power for me not to leave home for

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