Why You Should Consider Traveling to Asia in 2016

Traveling to Asia in 2016 is a great experience, but you should travel during the off-peak seasons. Peak seasons are October to mid-December and mid-January to March.

During these peak times, prices for accommodations and flights will be more expensive because of the high demand. Also, you will have to deal with more other tourists, making the experience less authentic.

The best time to visit Asia is during the off-peak seasons from April to September. During this time, the weather is perfect for traveling: not too hot and not too cold. The beaches are also less crowded, which makes for a more enjoyable trip.

You should also be sure to take advantage of the many different hotel and flight deals that are currently available. You can save a lot of money by booking your trip in advance and finding discounts on sites such as Groupon or Expedia.

In addition, visiting during these off-peak times will give you an opportunity to experience many different cultures while experiencing fewer crowds. You can truly immerse yourself in local culture by eating at restaurants only frequented by locals or participating in native festivals you may otherwise miss out on if visiting during peak times.

As a company that specializes in travel to SEAsia, we believe that this is the best region to visit during the summer months. The peak seasons are during the winter months of November-February but as a luxury travel company, we urge you to consider traveling outside of these dates for more affordable and less crowded vacations.

Booking a trip to Asia this year? Here’s why you should rethink your plans.

With the high season rapidly approaching, Southeast Asia is about to get slammed with tourists. Whether you’re looking for Muay Thai training camps, elephant rehabilitation centers, or just want to kick back on the beach and relax, here are some of the most popular places in Asia that tend to get overrun with tourists during peak seasons.

If you’re planning a trip to Thailand this year, consider traveling to Chiang Mai instead of Bangkok. The northern city is known as Thailand’s cultural capital and offers something for everyone. If you’re more into nature than nightlife, avoid Chiang Mai during the winter months and instead head south to Krabi or Koh Phi Phi. While these two destinations are a bit more touristy than Chiang Rai or Phuket, they offer an extensive array of activities for adventure seekers and relaxation enthusiasts alike.

For those heading to Indonesia this year, consider traveling outside of Bali. Although Bali has a lot to offer its visitors (i.e., beautiful beaches and cheap massages), it tends to get overcrowded very quickly in March and April with travelers from all over the world looking for their own piece of paradise. If you’re looking for

Traveling is more than just going from point A to point B. It’s about the experience and being able to see the world you live in from a new perspective. And what better way to do this then by traveling to a foreign country? If you’re considering traveling abroad, Thailand is the best place to visit in 2016.

Thailand is the perfect place for travelers who are looking for an unforgettable experience. There are many reasons why Thailand should be on your list of places to travel this year.

First and foremost, Thailand is one of the most affordable countries in SEAsia. Accommodations, food, and transportation in Thailand are all relatively cheap compared to other countries around the globe. This makes Thailand ideal for budget travelers because they will be getting a lot more bang for their buck. Another reason why Thailand is great for budget travelers is because it offers free activities such as visiting temples and walking through parks. You won’t have to spend money every day of your trip if you stay in Thailand!

Secondly, Thailand has delicious food! Whether you like Thai food or not, there’s no denying that it’s delicious! After all, it was voted as one of the world’s 50 best foods by CNN Traveler Magazine in 2011. And if you’re not a

If you have your sights set on traveling in 2016, Asia is a great destination. From the exotic, tropical islands of Malaysia and Thailand to the neon lights of Japan and South Korea, the Pacific Rim has much to offer close to home.

According to the U.S. Department of State, there are no travel warnings currently in effect for any countries in Asia.

Traveling to Asia is a rewarding experience for those seeking inspiration, culture and fun.

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