Why You Should Buy Train Tickets In Advance

You should buy train tickets in advance. They’re cheaper, for one thing. And if you’ve ever bought one at the station, you’ll know that it can be a little stressful.

But there’s another reason to buy your ticket in advance: it means you can sit wherever you want on the train. It’s not just about the money; it’s about getting exactly what you want.

If you’re looking to save money on your rail fares then you should always book your train tickets in advance!

There are many benefits to booking in advance, the main one being that it is cheaper than buying a ticket on the day of travel. This means you can travel around Britain by train for less and explore all that our beautiful country has to offer.

Other benefits of booking in advance include:

You can get cheap train tickets from early morning services until 11pm at night – perfect for working commuters or people who want to enjoy a night out without the hassle of driving!

Many trains run throughout the day so there will be one available when you need it most – whether this means leaving home early morning or returning late at night.

Train travel is more environmentally friendly than driving because it uses less energy per passenger kilometre travelled (source: Transport Direct). This means that by travelling on public transport instead of driving yourself not only are you saving money but also doing something positive for our environment!

A great way to save even more money on rail fares is by using a railcard, which gives you 1/3 off standard adult fares between certain hours throughout weekdays as well as discounts on off-peak services at weekends too.”

Travelling by train is a great way to get around the UK, with over 1,600 stations and 20,000 miles of track you can get to most places. One of the least known benefits of travelling by train is that advance tickets can be very cost effective – often much cheaper than the cost of taking your car.

As well as lower prices, if you book in advance there is no need to queue for tickets – simply print them out at home or pick them up from a self-service ticket machine when you arrive.

So how much money could you save by booking in advance? The answer is as much as 80%! We have found that the majority of passengers who travel on the National Rail network are not aware of this benefit and end up paying significantly more than they need to.

You can save money by buying train tickets in advance. The earlier you buy your ticket, the less it will cost. Booking in advance can mean a saving of up to 70% on the cost of an adult fare.

Some examples:

With a Standard Advance ticket from London to Bristol or Cardiff, you can get a return for as little as £25. You’ll need to book at least 24 hours before you travel, and you can only travel on the service(s) shown on your ticket. The earlier you book, the more chance there is that seats will still be available at this price.

You can find out when Advance tickets will go on sale, and how much they’ll cost, with our Advance fare finder tool. This can help save money by advising you when to buy your tickets in order to get the best price.

What if I miss my train?

If you miss your Advance train or have not travelled on it and have not cancelled it in time then we cannot transfer your ticket for use on another date or time and we cannot offer any refund.

For information about how to cancel your Advance train tickets please see our ‘How do I cancel my tickets?’ section below.

In a time of increasing air travel prices and crowded airports, many people are turning to the train as an alternative. One of the most popular routes is to travel from London to Edinburgh, with over 2 million trips made each year.

Tickets can be bought at the station but there are three reasons why you should buy in advance.

Firstly, it’s cheaper. For example, if you buy a ticket on the day you travel from London to Edinburgh it will cost £185. However, buying your ticket 28 days or more in advance costs just £57.

Secondly, it’s more convenient. You can book your ticket on your computer and print it off at home before you leave for the station. It also means you don’t need to queue at the station booking office before you travel and can go straight to the platform instead.

Finally, buying in advance means that you can get a seat reservation so that you know exactly where your seat is rather than being faced with a full train where you have to stand up all the way.

Buying your tickets in advance is a smart move. You can lock in the lowest fares with no risk of paying more. Buying early can save you money on single and return tickets, saving you up to 80% compared to buying on the day at the station.

Plus, you’ll be helping the environment by reducing congestion at the ticket office and, since most tickets are now printed at home, reducing paper consumption too.

The earlier you book, the cheaper your fare will be. The fare system is designed so that buying early is always cheaper than buying late. But, if a train isn’t busy, fares may not get much higher. So why not give our Best Fare Finder a try? It will show you a range of prices for your journey and tell you which are cheapest and when they need to be bought by.

You can also buy Advance tickets up to 12 weeks before you travel – so why not plan ahead?

I’ve been a keen traveller since I was very young. I’m always looking out for the best deals and ways to save money when I book my trips, as travel can be a very expensive hobby! There’s nothing better than booking yourself a bargain and knowing you’re going on an exciting holiday for less than you thought!

The number one rule that I stick to when I book train tickets is to never leave it until the last minute, because the prices will only increase closer to the date of travel. For example, my friend and I are planning on visiting Manchester in March. We booked our tickets about six weeks in advance and received them for just £25 each. However, we recently checked again to see if we could get cheaper ones, but unfortunately as it’s now less than three weeks until our trip, the price has risen by £20 per ticket.

I’ve also noticed that booking your journey in first class can cost almost double what you’d pay for a standard ticket. So, if you’re not too bothered about the extra legroom or complimentary food and drink that you receive with first class tickets, standard is definitely the way to go!

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