Top 6 Vacation Spots for the History Buff

Whether you’re a history buff or just like to explore cultural sites when you travel, there are destinations all over the world that can satisfy your hunger for knowledge and adventure. Here are our picks for the best vacation spots for the history buff.

1. Rome, Italy

2. Washington, DC

3. The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

4. Jerusalem, Israel

5. Great Wall of China

6. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

New York City, New York

There are tons of museums in New York City, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the American Museum of Natural History. There are also historic homes and landmarks that you can visit, like the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building. If you want to learn about history but also have a great time in a big city, New York is perfect for that!

Williamsburg, Virginia

The Historic Triangle is a great place to go if you really want to immerse yourself in history. There are several living history museums where employees dress up in period clothing and interact with visitors, giving them an idea of what life was like centuries ago. You can also visit Jamestown Island and see where the first permanent English settlement was established in America.

Boston, Massachusetts

One of the places where our country’s independence movement began was Boston, Massachusetts. Walk along cobblestone streets and see some of America’s oldest buildings as you explore this historic city. You can also take a trip out to Lexington or Concord if you’re interested in seeing where the Revolutionary War began.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Gettysburg was the site of one of the most pivotal battles during the Civil War: The Battle of Gettysburg. Visitors can tour the battlefield

1. Washington, D.C.: The Smithsonian Museums are second to none in the United States. The National Museum of American History houses the original stars and stripes flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to write the Star Spangled Banner, along with Abraham Lincoln’s iconic top hat and Dorothy’s ruby red slippers from The Wizard of Oz.

2. Boston: See where our nation got its start by visiting the Freedom Trail. Among other historic stops, you’ll visit the Old South Meeting House, Faneuil Hall, Paul Revere’s home and the USS Constitution.

3. Philadelphia: Walk in our founding fathers’ footsteps by visiting Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.

4. Gettysburg: You can’t miss Gettysburg if you are a history buff and are traveling in the United States or even abroad since it is one of the most well-known spots for Civil War history in America, if not the world.

5. Niagara Falls: While Niagara Falls isn’t exactly a city that you can walk around and experience historic sites, it is one of those must-see places in America that everyone has to see once in their lives. There are still some great places to learn about history at Niagara Falls and along the Niagara River that you should

America’s Founding Fathers

1. Washington, D.C.

If you want to see where all the action happened back in the days of our Founding Fathers, then your best bet is to head to Washington D.C. The city itself is a great place to see the history of our nation unfold before your eyes and there are many monuments, memorials, and museums to visit during your time in the nation’s capital. From the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument, there is no lack of historical sites to check out while you’re visiting this great city. If you want to get a deeper look into our country’s founding, then be sure and visit the National Archives where you can view historical documents like the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

2. Williamsburg, Virginia

Williamsburg was one of America’s first settlements and played an important role in America’s independence. The entire town has been restored to its colonial roots as it looked back in 1776 when people like Thomas Jefferson were crafting our country’s independence at nearby Yorktown and Jamestown. It’s a great place for history buffs because it gives you a feel for what life was like during that time period without any of

The Alamo: In the heart of San Antonio, Texas, is the famous Alamo, recognized throughout the world for its pivotal role in the Texas Revolution.

Gettysburg National Military Park: Located in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the site of a Civil War battle that saw over 50,000 casualties.

National Museum of American History: The Smithsonian Institution’s museum dedicated to preserving and displaying important artifacts from U.S. history.

The Hoover Dam: Spanning the Colorado River on the Arizona-Nevada border is one of America’s most successful civil engineering projects and a marvel to behold.

Mount Vernon: George Washington’s beloved home is preserved as a historical landmark and offers visitors a chance to see what life was like in 18th-century Virginia.

Presidential Libraries: There are 14 presidential libraries administered by the National Archives and Records Administration that serve as repositories for documents and other materials related to U.S. presidents’ administrations.

1. Gettysburg

The largest battle ever fought in the Western Hemisphere took place right here in Pennsylvania. In 1863, Union and Confederate forces clashed in a three-day battle at Gettysburg. The battles were bloody and costly, with around 51,000 casualties. You’ll want to visit Gettysburg National Military Park to learn more about this turning point of the Civil War. Other notable spots include the David Wills House and the Jennie Wade House.

2. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is one of America’s oldest cities, founded in 1630 by Pilgrims from England. It’s also the site of several important battles during the American Revolution. One of those battles was known as the Boston Massacre, which took place on March 5, 1770, when British soldiers opened fire on a crowd that had gathered to throw rocks at them. Five people died as a result of these shootings. You can visit the site of this event at the Boston Massacre Memorial on State Street in Boston’s Freedom Trail district.

3. Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery is located just outside Washington D.C., and it’s one of America’s most hallowed grounds for veterans and tourists alike. Between 300,000 and 400,000 people are buried here, dating back to

1:London, England

The British Museum is a great place to visit if you want to see the world’s greatest collection of antiquities. The Rosetta Stone and the Elgin Marbles are just two of the many famous artifacts you can see while walking through this ancient building.

2:Greece, Turkey and Italy

This region of the world has thousands of islands and hundreds of ancient sites. You can find an ancient ruin wherever you go. You can also see some famous works at the Vatican Museum and the Parthenon in Athens.

3:Rome, Italy

Rome is known as a city with seven hills. It was built on top of itself multiple times over the centuries, so it has many layers of history to explore. The Colosseum is one of their most famous landmarks, but there are plenty more places to learn about their history as well.


If you like mummies and pyramids then Egypt is a great place for you to visit. The Great Pyramids at Giza are just one of the many historical sites that are located in this country on the Nile River. You can also see many hieroglyphics that have been preserved over time while exploring their temples and tombs. There is

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