Top 10 Tips for Booking Cheap Rail Tickets Online

These days, most people choose to book their train tickets online. However, with so much choice out there, it can be tough to know where to go and which websites offer the best deals.

We’ve put together a list of our top tips for booking cheap rail tickets online so that you can be sure you’re getting the best deal on train travel.

1. Head to Bonanza first

Bonanza is our favourite online train booking site because it’s easy to use, has an excellent mobile site and app, and consistently offers some of the best deals on rail tickets.

2. Go for the cheapest ticket

If you’re happy with your travel times then aim for a ‘Super Off-Peak’ ticket. This will get you the cheapest fare but note that you’ll have to travel outside of peak hours and stick to your chosen route as these tickets are not refundable and changes are usually very expensive. If you want more flexibility, consider an Off-Peak or Anytime ticket instead.

3. Split your journey up

If you’re travelling long distance, splitting your journey into two shorter legs can often work out cheaper than buying one through ticket. Make sure that you leave enough time in between trains though or else you may end up paying hefty

The Top 10 Tips for Booking Cheap Rail Tickets Online

Travel on Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak Trains

Searching for the Best Train Ticket Deals Online

Avoid Booking Fees by Booking Early

Booking Cheap Advance Tickets for Long Distance Journeys

Booking Cheap Advance Tickets for London Commuters

Making Last Minute Journey Changes – Be Flexible!

Booking Cheap Rail Tickets in the UK and Abroad

Use The Trainline’s Split Ticket Search Tool

Check Train Times if You’re Booking a Return Journey

Look for Other Discounts, Offers and Promotions

The internet has revolutionised the way we buy tickets, but with so many sites to choose from, knowing where to get the best deal can be a challenge.

We’re here to help – here are ten tried-and-tested tips for booking cheap rail tickets online:

1. Book early: Train operators release their cheapest tickets 12 weeks in advance, and they’re usually only available until they sell out, or 12 weeks before travel. If you know when you’ll be travelling, book as soon as you can to secure the cheapest prices.

2. Get off at a station further than your destination: I know it sounds odd, but if the train is going via your final destination anyway, why not get off a couple of stops earlier? Doing this will often save you money, and even if it doesn’t it’ll only add a few minutes on to your journey time.

3. Avoid Fridays and Sundays: The most expensive days of the week are Fridays & Sundays so avoid travelling on these days when possible. If you do have to travel on these days try to book early as cheaper fares might become available closer to the date of travel.

4. Spread the cost by booking early: By booking early you give yourself more time to pay for your

Railways are an irreplaceable way of transport for the majority of us. It is the fastest, economical, and the safest way to reach our destination. Undoubtedly, railway bookings can be a cumbersome process. Bonanza takes care of that!

Here are 10 tips to help you make your train travel plans easier:

1. Plan well in advance and book as soon as possible.

2. The best time to book your itinerary is 60 days before you plan to travel. This is because your ticket will be automatically upgraded if there are vacant berths in higher classes.

3. If you want to buy a train ticket at a lower price, check out the “Ladies Special” trains or the “Ladies Quota” seats of most trains for women travelling alone or with children under 12 years of age. The fare is 50% less than normal fares for this category of seats.

4. If you want to go on a vacation with family/friends, book in groups as it will help you get tickets faster and also cheaper than individual booking.

5. Travel light! As per Indian Railways rules, each passenger is allowed to carry luggage weighing up to 40 kgs (44 kg

Railway booking is not a huge problem for the people who travel frequently. But, for those who don’t know about the railway booking online process will find it difficult to book tickets online. You can also book train tickets online, but you need to know a few things before you start booking your tickets. Here are some of the tips that can help you in finding cheap railway tickets:

Top 10 Tips on How to Book Cheap Railway Tickets Online?

1) Find out the best platform of booking railway tickets-

2) Know about the best time to book rail tickets-

3) Always try to book an e-ticket or print @ home option-

4) Check for the offers and discounts available on various sites-

5) Make sure that you are using only secure payment gateways for transaction-

6) Try to pay through Debit/Credit card as much as possible-

7) Always try to check different sites for offers and discounts available-

8) Compare the prices of different platforms before finalizing one-

9) Try to book tickets in advance if you are planning a trip far away from your place of residence. This will help you save money.


As a rule, tickets are more expensive during the peak travel times of early morning (7am-9am) and evening (5pm-9pm). If you can be flexible with your travel times, you may find cheaper tickets by traveling off-peak or on weekends.


Tickets purchased on the day of travel are generally more expensive than those purchased in advance. Tickets can be purchased up to 120 days in advance online through Make sure to have your passport and any other booking details on hand when buying tickets online.


You may find cheaper tickets available from alternate travel dates or times. Try searching for different dates, times, or both to see all available options for your trip.


When using our search engine, you will see a calendar that shows the lowest priced fares for each day of the month. Using this feature will help you find the cheapest day to travel. To use this feature, select your departure station in the search field followed by your destination station. The date shown in blue is the cheapest

1. Book your tickets as early as possible – and don’t forget to check for split ticketing options.

2. The cheapest train tickets are usually Advance tickets – so book in advance!

3. Use our Cheapest Fare Finder search tool on the home page to find the best deals on train tickets.

4. If you’re travelling to London, book off-peak for cheaper tickets or use a Travelcard.

5. If you’re travelling with a child under 5, they can travel for free (one child per adult), and if they’re aged 5-15 they can get 50% off most rail fares with a Family & Friends Railcard.

6. Students can get discounts on many fares with an NUS Extra card or International Student Identity Card (ISIC).

7. Seniors can save 1/3 on most rail fares with a Senior Railcard.

8. Make sure you’ve found the cheapest fare by checking all available ticket types, such as ‘Anytime’, ‘Off-Peak’ and ‘Super Off-Peak’ as well as split ticketing options – don’t forget to check for discounted group travel tickets too!

9. Find out about other discounts available for people with disabilities or special needs and their

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