The Craziest Things Tourists Have Done

Craziest Things Tourists Have Done is a blog about what tourists have done while traveling or while in a foreign country.

It is more than just a compilation of stories, though. I hope it can serve as a reminder to us all that when we travel we are ambassadors for our country and customs. Not everyone knows about the laws and customs in the place they visit, and not everyone who does know them will follow them.

Some of the actions described here are criminal, but most are simply offensive or disrespectful to local customs. The latter make up the majority of what we see every day. And for every action described here there are thousands done by tourists that never make it into the news or onto this site.

The Craziest Things Tourists Have Done

For many people, traveling is a fun and exciting experience. For others, however, it can be a nightmare if they’re not careful. In fact, some people do such crazy things while traveling that they put their lives and the lives of others at risk. Here are some of the craziest things tourists have done while traveling.

A Tourist Jumped Into Sydney Harbor

Americans visiting Australia in 2010 were so excited about seeing the Sydney Opera House that one decided to jump in and swim around it. The man reportedly ignored warnings from his friends and jumped into Sydney Harbor. After all, he was an avid swimmer and had no problem jumping into the water; that’s why he was shocked to find out that there was a large drop-off just a few feet from where he jumped in. The man ended up swimming for his life because there was no shallow area for him to stand on. Luckily, rescuers pulled him out before he drowned.

A Tourist Was Killed by an Elephant

In 2012, a British tourist named Gareth Crowe was killed by an elephant when he went on safari with his wife in Thailand. A guide led the couple to a small waterfall where they found themselves surrounded by elephants. During

There is no doubt that traveling can be a wonderful, mind-expanding experience. It can be a time to see beautiful sights and meet fascinating people. It can also be a time to learn more about other cultures and discover things you have never seen or experienced before.

However, sometimes tourists can take the experience too far. Whether it’s in the name of getting a good picture or in the name of learning more about the culture, some travelers may do crazy things that they would never even think of doing at home. Here are some examples of crazy things tourists have done while traveling (and lived to tell about it).

Crazy Things Tourists Have Done:

I came across a blog post from the Huffington Post that listed some of the craziest things tourists have done while on vacation. The first one was about a tourist who climbed the Great Pyramid of Giza and then slid down. The second one was about a tourist who broke into a zoo in order to pet a tiger. The third one was about a tourist who was stolen by monkeys in India and had to be rescued by police.

While visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, a tourist got too close to the edge and fell over. Luckily, he was caught by some of the other tourists below who happened to have his life insurance information in their possession.

Another tourist visiting London, England, decided to visit Buckingham Palace only to find that it was closed for an event. The tourist proceeded to jump off the roof into the bushes and somehow lived!

A group of tourists on a safari in Africa was startled when a lion jumped onto their jeep. The driver tried to scare it away but accidentally stepped on the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal. The jeep went backwards and ran over the lion.

One tourist traveling through Italy wanted to be able to tell all of his friends back home that he had been shot at while in Italy. He drove up to some men and asked them if they would shoot at him while he hid behind a large tree. They obliged and missed hitting him by only two inches!

A Japanese man in Hong Kong was arrested by police for snapping photos of young ladies’ legs, the South China Morning Post reports.

When confronted by the police, the man said that he took the photos because he thought Hong Kong women had beautiful legs. He then asked if it “was a crime.”

Local news sites report that the man was arrested on Sunday morning after a woman saw him take her photo and informed authorities. He is expected to be charged with “loitering” and “conduct likely to cause harassment or distress.”

In an editorial on Monday, Hong Kong’s SCMP says that “if there is not a law against taking pictures of people without their consent (a practice known as upskirt photography), there should be.”

Most people are incredibly boring, and most writers know this. That is why most writers try to make their stories interesting by describing exciting people doing interesting things. Journalists don’t tend to write about normal people doing normal things; they tend to write about celebrities and politicians and other people who are more exciting than average.

It’s a bit like the way we perceive faces. We tend to see faces that are more expressive than average as more attractive, even though in objective terms they’re probably less attractive. Similarly, we tend to see events that are more exciting than average as more significant, even though they may not be.

So just as most of us have a distorted view of how beautiful most people are, we also have a distorted view of how remarkable most events are. So if you want to write something that is not boring, do not describe typical lives or typical events; describe atypical lives and atypical events.

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