Plan Your Next Trip Around These 20 Epic Cities for Food Lovers

If you are an avid foodie or a person who is interested in exploring different cultures, then you would definitely want to plan your next trip around these 20 epic cities for food lovers. Many cities are considered to be epicenters of the best cuisines and unique cultures. You will find plenty of awesome places where you can explore the rich flavors and traditional foods of a specific region.

1. Tokyo, Japan

2. Chiang Mai, Thailand

3. New Orleans, Louisiana

4. Sydney, Australia

5. San Sebastian, Spain

6. London, England

7. Bologna, Italy

8. Barcelona, Spain

9. Berlin, Germany

10. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

What makes a city great for food lovers? For us, it’s about the variety and quality of the cuisine, the atmosphere, and, above all, the experience. We’re talking places with a rich street food culture (from Shanghai to Mexico City to Johannesburg), cities that are now international hubs for outstanding tasting menus (Munich and Melbourne), or destinations where you can eat like a local (Lisbon and Bangkok). And we’ve only included places that are accessible to outsiders—so this is not an esoteric list of places most people won’t want to go. If you consider yourself a foodie, you should add these 20 epic cities to your list of must-visits.

We’re always ready for a foodie adventure and wouldn’t mind if it involved some travel as well. Call us crazy, but we don’t mind flying across the globe for a meal that will blow our minds. And though we can never get enough, there are definitely some cities in the world that are better than others when it comes to the ultimate grub experience. We knew you felt the same way, so we did all of the hard work for you and found 20 of the most epic cities on the planet for food lovers.

1. Tokyo, Japan

2. New York, New York

3. London, England

4. Paris, France

5. Hong Kong, China

6. Bangkok, Thailand

7. Mexico City, Mexico

8. Marrakech, Morocco

9. Los Angeles, California

10. Chicago, Illinois

11. Rome, Italy

12. San Sebastian, Spain

13. Barcelona, Spain

14. Sydney, Australia

If you’re like me, you’ve got a lot of great memories of your favorite cities—and a good amount of them are probably tied to the food you ate.

I can’t think of Paris without thinking of the bowl of onion soup I had in a tiny restaurant at the top of Rue Mouffetard. When I think about Amsterdam, I remember that amazing spot where I found thick slices of smoked salmon next to stacks and stacks of freshly baked pancakes. And when I think about San Francisco, I remember the fresh seafood and crisp wines at the Ferry Building Market.

So if you’re planning your next trip, why not make food one of your primary motivations for travel? After all, it is a big part of any culture, and is one of my favorite ways to experience a new place.

Here are 20 amazing cities that are well worth visiting if you’re a food lover or aspiring chef.

The best way to experience a new culture is through its food, but with so many places to visit around the world it’s hard to decide where to go. We’ve narrowed down 20 cities that every food lover should add to their travel bucket list.

From street vendors in Asia to tapas in Spain and molecular cuisine in Copenhagen, these are the places where you’ll find the best food in the world. So pack your bags and get ready for an epic culinary adventure.

Even if you plan every detail of your trip down to the minute, your plans are bound to change. The best way to avoid getting frustrated by those changes is to be flexible. When planning a trip, prepare for anything and everything that could go wrong. Read up on travel insurance and buy it before you leave. Research the weather, so you can pack appropriately. Book a hotel that has good reviews, but don’t be afraid to switch if you arrive at your destination and feel like it’s not a good fit. If you’re flying, check in online so you can skip a long line at the airport, and book an aisle seat so you can get up to use the restroom or stretch your legs without bothering the person next to you. Most importantly: Don’t stress about things that are out of your control!

There really isn’t a more accurate way to describe the city than as a place with a lot of character. The food there is amazing, and the architecture is incredible. It’s very different from any other city that I have ever seen.

The second city that I would recommend going to is New York City. New York City is an amazing place to be! There are so many people, and it’s just so crazy. It has all the best restaurants, shops, and everything else you could imagine.

The third city that I would recommend going to is Rome. Rome has so much culture! The food there is delicious, and it’s also a very beautiful city. I love Rome because of its history, and the people that live there are so friendly!

The fourth city that I would recommend going to is London. London is such an amazing place! The culture there is great, and the food is amazing too. If you’re looking for a great vacation destination then this would definitely be one of your top picks!

The fifth city that I would recommend going to is Hong Kong. Hong Kong has some really great restaurants, and it’s also very close to China which makes it convenient for travelers who don’t want to fly all over Asia just yet! This

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