How to Take Advantage of Advance Ticket Booking

You may have seen the ads on TV or heard them on radio, but every time you do it is difficult to understand what this phrase means. How can you take advantage of Advance Ticket Booking?

The first thing to understand about advance ticket booking is that it is a way to save money on train tickets. Advance tickets are available for all journeys up to eleven months in advance and can be purchased online or at stations. You will only be able to buy a ticket for a specific date and time of travel so you must ensure that you are going to be travelling on this day, at this time before buying your ticket.

You should also be aware that advance tickets are non-changeable and non-refundable, so if you miss your train or cannot travel at the allotted time then you will not receive a refund. If you think that your journey might change then it is best to buy another type of ticket such as an Anytime fare which are fully flexible and allow for alterations.

Advance tickets are valid for the journey specified on the ticket and cannot be used for any other service including alternative routes or times.

If you plan your journey well in advance, then an Advance Ticket should save you some money compared with an Off-Peak or Anytime

With the online ticket booking facilities, it has become easy to book train tickets. But you should know how to make the most of it. Advance Ticket Booking facility is a scheme where you can book your train tickets in advance. This helps you avoid last minute rush and also save money while travelling. Here are some tips to avail advanced ticket booking:

Go Online: The first step towards availing advanced ticket booking is going online. The Indian Railways website provides you with the list of trains plying on the route you want to travel on the date that you want to travel on. You can find out if your train offers advance ticket booking facility or not. If yes, then go ahead with the process of booking your ticket.

If your train offers advanced ticket booking, then you can book your tickets in advance from 30 days up to 120 days from your date of journey.

For example, if you are planning a journey on 1st January, then you can make an advanced reservation for this day from 2nd December up to 30th September (120 days before). If there are no takers for these tickets until 30th September, then they are released for general sale on 1st October.

Traveling, whether for pleasure or business, is a very common occurrence in today’s society. Many people travel in their own vehicles and take advantage of the conveniences of driving your own vehicle. Others, who need to travel long distances and over state lines, prefer to use air travel. Taking an airplane is by far the quickest way to travel long distances.

However, one thing that many people don’t want to do is to spend a lot of money on airfare. The cost of flying can be very costly if you do not plan ahead and make sure to take advantage of advance ticket booking. When you plan ahead with your trip and buy your tickets in advance, you will find that the price is usually much cheaper than waiting until the last minute and buying your tickets at the gate.

Many of the larger airlines will offer specials on airfare when you purchase your tickets well in advance. This allows them to get an idea of how many seats they will be able to fill so they can determine whether or not they need more flights available for that time period. It also helps them to keep their prices competitive with other airlines and allows them to keep their flights full.

Advance ticket booking is a great way to save on your next journey by train. If you book early, you can take advantage of low fares and secure a seat before they sell out. Advance tickets go on sale up to 12 weeks before the day of travel and are available in limited numbers.

You can buy advance tickets at most train stations and online through our website or app. On some routes, you can also buy advance tickets at National Express coaches across the UK.

It’s no surprise that advance tickets are the cheapest. By booking in advance you can take advantage of lower prices and ensure your seat on board. If you know where you’re going and how to get there, then booking in advance is a great way to save money on train travel.

You can buy Advance tickets up to 12 weeks before your journey starts. The earlier you book, the cheaper it will be. Advance tickets go on sale at 08:00 every day, so be ready to buy as soon as they become available!

Buying tickets in advance can be a great way to take advantage of ticket deals, get the best seats and avoid the hassle of waiting in long lines. Buying tickets is a simple task that can be done in just a few minutes. When buying tickets, you want to make sure you are getting the best deal for your hard-earned money. If you’re buying tickets online, this is especially important since there are so many different options available to you. Here are some simple tips to help you buy your train tickets without breaking the bank.

1. Finding The Right Seller

There’s no shortage of ways to buy train tickets these days: with the help of a travel agent, through an online ticket website or even with a local ticket vendor. The first thing you’ll need to do is find out who is selling tickets for the route you want and the dates you want. You can start your search on Google or Bing by searching for “train tickets.” Take a look at the websites that come up and make note of which ones seem like they will offer what you’re looking for. Once you have a couple of options available to you, it’s time to do some research on each one before making your purchase.

2. Reading Reviews

Buying tickets from an

There are two types of people: one who books train tickets in prior to avoid the last minute rush and second who waits for last moment and manage to get into the train somehow. The first category usually gets confirmed tickets while second one manage to get waitlisted or RAC tickets. But, if you are a person who book ticket in advance and still not able to get confirmed ticket, then this blog will help you.

I have been traveling from Delhi to Bangalore for past 5 years and I know how difficult it is to catch a train from Delhi to Bangalore. Unless you book your ticket about 2 months before, you won’t get confirmed ticket. Though there are many website which tells you when and how to book, most of them does not give accurate information and always try to take advantage of your urgency by charging extra money by applying different tricks.

So here are some tips which will help you to get confirmed ticket with Tatkal quota:

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