How To Sleep at the Airport Before Your Flight

If you’re getting in late, or have an early flight the next morning, it’s not always possible to get a full night’s sleep in a bed at a hotel. Sleeping on the airport floor always sounds better than it really is.

I’ve slept at an airport many times before. The key is to find the right spot and bring the right gear. Here are some things you should do to get some sleep at the airport:

* Bring earplugs and an eye mask.

* Don’t touch your face while sleeping.

* Put your bag in front of you and sleep with your feet on it.

* Find a spot where no one will bother you: a corner away from foot traffic, or even in a bathroom stall if there’s enough room and you can avoid being gross.

* Skip chairs with armrests.

* Set an alarm for security closing time so you don’t get locked in!

As much as you may want to sleep during your flight, staying awake at the airport is another story. It’s now the night before your departure, your flight leaves at 6am and you have a full day of travel ahead of you. The thought of sleeping at an airport overnight can be daunting and uncomfortable, but with the right planning and preparation it doesn’t have to be. I’ve slept at airports all over the world on both long layovers and when facing cancelled flights. Here are my tips for how to make your time in the terminal comfortable, safe and even enjoyable.

I recommend arriving early afternoon so that you can find a spot to settle into, gather all of your supplies, use a shower (in some terminals), eat dinner, get organized for the night and then try to get some sleep after sunset.

You can also check out this detailed guide about finding a good spot for sleeping at the airport.

If you’re looking for a place to catch some Z’s before or after a flight, an airport lounge is always an option (if you’re willing to pay). If you don’t have access to one through membership or credit cards, many lounges sell day passes that are reasonable or offer shower facilities if you ask nicely (and even just politely

Most people have a love-hate relationship with airports. They hate the long lines, the huge crowds, the expensive food and the TSA. But they love traveling and they love getting to their destination. Knowing how to navigate an airport can mean the difference between a good flight experience and a bad one.

One thing many people don’t know is that most airports are full of places to sit down or lay down and nap. Many travelers wait hours at airports for their flights, so it’s important to know where you can find a comfy spot to relax or take a nap before your flight.

Here are some things you’ll need in order to take a nap at the airport:

a comfortable shirt (something loose)

comfortable pants (something loose)

a blanket (or sweater)


eye mask

1. Find the right spot

It’s no secret that airports are loud and crowded, but this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find a place to sleep. While it is challenging to find a quiet place at the airport, it is not impossible.

The first step towards getting some sleep at the airport is finding the right spot. You need a bench or a chair, preferably one near an outlet so you can charge your devices, and away from crowded areas like coffee shops or restaurants.

If there are no seats available, consider taking a walk around the airport in search of a better spot. If all else fails and you are desperate for sleep, try going down to baggage claim where things tend to be quieter.

Airports are a place where people come and go. And for some of those people, it’s necessary to spend hours or even the night in the airport before their flight.

People who arrive early at the airport or whose flight is delayed overnight often choose to sleep in the terminal if they can’t afford an expensive hotel room.

Before you book your next flight with a long layover, here are some tips to help you make your time in the airport more comfortable so you can be well-rested before your next flight:

The first step: you have to know when your flight is. If you are going somewhere far away, as I was, you will probably want to book a seat on the earliest flight out. This is important because you may have to sleep in the airport overnight before your flight.

If you are flying out of an American airport, it is very important that you do not look homeless while you wait for your flight. If you are lucky, there will be a comfortable-looking chair or bench that appears unoccupied. If this is the case, get yourself some food and water and go wait there.

But more likely there will not be a comfortable-looking chair or bench that appears unoccupied. This is where things get tricky. You need to find a spot that looks like someone might actually want to sit there so that no one will try to move you on. For example, if there happens to be an unattended computer terminal near a nice-looking bench, go wait by the unattended computer terminal with a magazine or newspaper and act like you’re reading it even though the screen on the unattended computer terminal has gone blank and is causing your eyes to cross in confusion.

Airports can be tricky to sleep at, even experienced travellers sometimes struggle. However, with a bit of preparation you will have no problems. I’ve slept at over 100 airports and have a few tips up my sleeve.

Choose Your Airport Carefully

Some airports are much more comfortable than others, so it’s worth doing some research before you fly. The main thing to look out for is the facilities each airport offers; try to find out if they have showers, sleeping areas, charging points and WiFi. Here are some resources which can help:

A few of the best airport in the world, according to fellow travellers:

●The World’s 10 Best Airports for Sleeping

●World’s Best Airports for Layovers

●Best Airports for Layovers (with Free Stopover Tours!)

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