How To Save Money On Train Tickets

This site is a blog about using mobile tickets on train systems in the UK, and other ways to save money on train tickets.

Mobile train ticketing means booking your train ticket on a smartphone or tablet and getting a barcode emailed or texted to you, which you then show the conductor. It’s something that’s been around in some form since 2010 or so, but it’s taken this long for all the various train-operating companies to implement mobile ticketing.

The main benefit is convenience: you don’t have to queue up at a ticket machine or booking office, and you can buy your ticket right before boarding the train without worrying about missing it. And if you buy your ticket online, you can often print it out at home or work. But there are also some financial benefits: they’re not huge, but they can be significant.

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I have been using Mobile Ticketing for quite a while now. It is a great way of saving money on train tickets, and it is much easier than you may think to get started. Simply follow these steps:

Download Trainline’s Mobile Ticketing App (free)

Go to your ticket bookings, select ‘Your ticket’ and then select ‘Activate e-ticketing’

Select ‘Get Started’ and follow the prompts

Link your payment card (debit or credit card) to your account

Purchase your tickets!

Once you have completed these simple steps, you can start buying mobile train tickets. It is so easy, and I found that I could save money at the same time as doing something that was very quick and convenient.

The latest buzz word in train ticket booking is “mobile ticketing”. As a result of the new National Passenger Survey 2014, which shows that over a third of people would prefer to use mobile phones to buy tickets, train companies and the Train Operating Companies (TOC’s) are being forced to adapt and embrace new technology. At the moment mobile ticketing is still in its infancy; however, by 2018 it is expected to account for 20% of all tickets purchased for short journeys.

In this blog I’m going to look at what “mobile ticketing” is and how you can make some great savings on your train tickets.

Mobile ticketing enables you to purchase train tickets via your smartphone or tablet instead of buying tickets from a train station. You can purchase your tickets from anywhere at any time as long as you have an internet connection. Once you have purchased your ticket, it will be downloaded and stored on your phone. The app will allow you to activate your ticket when you are ready to travel, once activated the ticket is ready for inspection by the conductor. Mobile payment systems are beginning to replace cash payments in many industries but they are particularly beneficial when used within the rail industry due to their flexibility and convenience.

If you want to save money on train tickets, then mobile train ticketing is the way forward. In this blog we will show you how to get started with simple steps to book your first mobile ticket. Whether you are a seasoned traveller, or new to the world of train travel, this blog is for you.

Mobile train ticketing allows you to book and pay for your ticket on your smartphone, then simply scan your phone at the barrier when you arrive at the station. Just like an Oyster card. It saves time and means that there is no need to queue up at a ticket booth, or use a ticket machine. If you are travelling with others, they can easily join in as well.

We have already written a blog about Trainline’s mobile ticketing app which can be found here: Trainline App Review

We will now go through some of the other options available for buying tickets on your phone, as well as some tips on saving money in general when travelling by train.

I’m often asked by friends and family how they can save money on train tickets. Here are a few tips I’ve compiled together, some of which will be familiar to you if you’re an avid train traveller.

You should always book your tickets before boarding the train, as this guarantees the lowest fare. Booking at a station or on the train, then paying on board the train, is always more expensive – though not as expensive as travelling without a ticket!

There’s now an increasing number of stations around the country that allow you to purchase tickets online via mobile phone (SMS or e-mail) and also print your own paper ticket at home (print-at-home). You can also buy mobile tickets from certain stations and print them out from a ticket machine, then just scan the barcode on your phone to board the train. This service is currently available at selected stations in London and throughout Scotland, with plans to extend it further in 2012.

Mobile train ticket booking has taken off in the last year or so. UK train companies are finally making it easier to buy tickets on your phone.

While there are still some kinks to iron out, the technology is generally working well now and you can use this page to find out which train companies have their own mobile ticketing apps.

But first here are a few reasons why you should be buying your train tickets online:

  • Save time by avoiding queues at the station.
  • Buy tickets in advance for great discounts.
  • Buy group tickets for up to 4 adults travelling together.
  • Save money with 2 for 1 London Attraction Tickets and 2 for 1 theatre tickets when you buy rail tickets to London.

The UK train network is complex, and can be expensive. I’ve created this site to help people save money on train tickets, whether that’s by using a Cheap Advance fare, using the right Railcard, or using some other method.

There are many ways to save money on the train network. Most of these methods have been talked about before in various places on the internet, but it’s often difficult to find all the information in one place. This site aims to bring all those methods together, and present them in a way which is quick and easy to understand.

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