Goin on a road trip this summer? Here’s Why You Should Consider an RV

Most people don’t realize how much time they spend in their cars. In this section, I’ll try to convince you that a year of your life could easily be spent more productively if you replaced your car with an RV, and that it’s worth the trouble.

This isn’t a post about why to buy an RV instead of a car. There are plenty of those; if you want to read about it, there are lots of them. This is about why you should consider an RV instead of a car.

It’s not just about driving style; it’s about lifestyle. Cars are just another tool for getting from A to B, and we use them as little more than that. In fact, we use them so little that most people don’t think they’re tools at all: they just think they’re vehicles.

But everyone recognizes what cars are good for: they carry stuff around when we need it and take it to destinations when we want it. You go places in a car because you need something to carry or take there or both. And we’ve gotten pretty good at getting things into cars and taking things out of them again as needed.

RVs are different: they aren’t just tools; they are tools plus living quarters plus workspace plus

Why should you consider an RV? (1) They’re more comfortable than cars. **(2) They’re easy to drive. (3) You can have lots of fun in them. (4) You don’t need a full-time driver.

The most important reason you should consider an RV is

The modern RV industry is a lot like the first time someone offered you a ride in his car. It’s not as good a ride as a cab or train, but it is cheaper and more convenient. That’s why people keep doing it.

Air travel is the same way. It’s not as comfortable as flying on an airplane, but it’s cheaper, and almost everyone prefers it to driving or taking the train.**

In order to decide whether to buy an RV or an airline ticket, you need to make two decisions: how much you’re willing to spend, and how much you want to spend on convenience. If you can afford both, an RV is probably better; if you can afford only one, you probably don’t need an RV to get where you want.

A car is a lot of things. A car can be your home, your office, your exercise machine, and your escape vehicle. A car can take you places that no airplane or train can reach. A car can also be as much of an obstacle as a friend.

A road trip involves all these things, but it also adds one more: you’re moving around in a circle. More specifically, you are going in the same direction over and over again until you decide to stop, or until you get bored, or until the snow flies. Or until you run out of gas.

When I was younger, I used to despise all the pointless driving I did, especially when I traveled by car from my home in southern California to my parents’ house in northern California. There was no reason for me to go back and forth between my parents’ house and my home; there wasn’t anything new at either place that I couldn’t get there faster by airplane. So why did I have to sit in traffic every day?

It’s possible to travel by car all around the country, and there’s no reason not to. I’m a big fan of long road trips, but they’re not for everyone. For one thing, they’re expensive: gas is expensive, both at the pump and as a percentage of your income. You’ll also spend a lot of time sitting in traffic; it’s not uncommon to spend several hours per day in that situation.

Most people want to go someplace they’ve never been before. That means taking an airplane or train or bus. The most popular mode of transportation in America is still probably the airplane, even though it has dropped precipitously in popularity since 9/11.

RVing, on the other hand, is a way to travel by car that doesn’t involve sitting in traffic for hours every day. You can visit lots of different places (including places you’ve never heard of) as often as you like for years at a time with just one vehicle and one set of tires and one tank of gas.

If you’re interested in this subject at all, you should definitely check out my book: “The RV Traveler: Life on the Road”

Cars are like computers in some ways, but not others. Cars are great for the occasional quick trip, and they’re also great for travel. But they’re not great for travel. Driving a car is like using a computer where you can only use one application at a time: driving. It’s fine if you want to do just one thing on it at a time, but if you want to do multiple things at once, you need something else.

RVs have lots of room to spread out, and let you play multiple applications simultaneously. Which is why I think RVs are better for long-term travel than cars are.

The goal of the blogger was to make it easier for readers to decide whether to buy an RV. The writer didn’t have any particular interest in making the decision for them, but she also didn’t want to create confusing information, or give readers false expectations. She didn’t want readers thinking “Oh, this is a professional article from a magazine” or “This is some ad from an RV manufacturer.”

She wanted casual consumers and people who were thinking about buying an RV to read these words with no preconceptions in their mind. And she wanted journalism students and newbies to see that there was a clear reason why journalists did the things they did.

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