Cheap getaways for the summer

I’ve written a blog called Cheap Getaways for the Summer, which covers all kinds of cheap activities and vacations. I’d like to make it a regular feature that you can look forward to.

I’m also a travel blogger on my own site. I write about places I’ve been and where I want to go.

The problem I want to solve is: how do you find cheap getaways for the summer? My answer is that it’s not easy, but it’s possible, if you know what you’re looking for. The trick is knowing what that is.

You can find deals on hotels and flights, but not on vacation packages. I’m not surprised. On vacation packages, you have to go to the source, which is not always easy. And because it’s a business—not a charity or a government program—you have to pay for the privilege.

I am not against paying for things. If I can make money doing it, that’s great. I’ll be delighted if someone wants me to write an essay about how you can get a cheap vacation package while making money at the same time. But I don’t think that’s what this blog is about.

This blog is about meeting people who want you to do them a favor, and helping them by offering ideas or information they need. You’re going on a trip? Great! Here are some tips. You want to know where your grandma got her silverware? There’s an amazing story behind that and I’ve decided to tell it on this blog again and again until someone offers me money for it.*

And so on and so forth.

It’s hard to tell how much of this is true. The site does not say where it is based nor what kind of people run it; nor does it give any indication of who might be reading the blog.

But, if we judge by the number of links to other travel sites, and the number of comments, we can guess that the site is aimed at people who want to book cheap flights and hotels in search of a cheap vacation.

There is a long tradition going back to ancient Greece of low-cost travel. The problem with low-cost travel is that it’s harder to find than high-cost travel, because there are fewer suppliers. The approach that has been most successful so far is giving potential travelers information they can use to find things they want – in this case, cheap accommodations – without having to pay full price. It works like this: you make an offer for a hotel room; if no one accepts your offer you get the room for free.

The key to a cheap vacation is the same as for any other kind of trip: choose a destination that has low cost of living, so you can save money on accommodations. There are lots of sites that help you plan your trip, but these are good ones to look at:

People are thrilled by the idea of spending money on luxury vacations. But if you want a cheap vacation, it is not always easy to find where to go. The usual answer is to buy a package — like a cruise or an all-inclusive resort. But these packages have their own problems. The all-inclusive package tends to be expensive and mediocre; the cruise, if you do it right, comes with its own costs: airfare and car rental. And the best deals on cruises and resorts don’t come cheap either — they involve negotiation, timing, and knowledge of how much to spend.

When you can get a nice trip for cheap, that’s something to celebrate. But how much does it cost?

The costs of vacation are like the costs of buying anything else: they shrink as you move up the market. There is nothing particularly wrong with this, as long as you realize it. For example, when I was a kid we went to the beach every summer. It cost $5 each to get in, which sounds pretty expensive. But that was because the whole family would go: no one could come and go on his own.

Then my parents got divorced and my mother got remarried. Her new husband made enough money to take us on vacations all year round, so now we went every summer, not just every summer as before but also in winter and spring and autumn and spring again. It cost about $200 per person per week, which sounds outrageously expensive.

But if you think about it carefully, it wasn’t really expensive at all. After all our expenses for food and lodging were covered, there was still more than $100 left over for the whole family per day! That’s at least two weeks of fun for under $100!

If you want a cheap vacation, it is possible to go cheap. The cheapest place I know of is the West Coast of Africa. So if you want to go on a cheap trip, don’t go east. It’s too crowded and expensive. Go west, to countries that are not yet entirely overrun by tourists, with fewer people and lower prices.

Besides, if you are looking for a cheap vacation where there aren’t already too many people already there, it helps to go for a whole year rather than two or three weeks at a time. You can read about other people’s adventures in affordable vacations at CheapVacations.

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