Airport Security And Travel Tips

Traveling by air is safe and comfortable, but the comfort factor is somewhat diminished when you must go through airport security. Depending on your destination, you may be required to take off your shoes, remove your laptop from its case, or even be patted down with a wand. These measures are put in place to ensure that no dangerous items make it onto the plane. Although these procedures can be inconvenient for travelers, they are also very important for everyone’s safety.

Airport Security And Travel Tips

As of January 2010, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) now requires all travelers to remove their shoes and coats before going through the metal detector or full-body x-ray machine. In some cases, you will also be asked to remove your belt, watch or jewelry before passing through security. It is recommended that you wear slip-on shoes and carry as few metal objects as possible so that you can quickly pass through screening checkpoints without any hassles.

In addition to removing your jacket and shoes at airport security checkpoints, you will also need to remove any electronic devices such as laptops or camcorders from their carrying cases and place them in a bin for x-ray inspection. This process is different from the traditional “laptop lane” procedure where you simply

The first rule of thumb for airport security is to be prepared. This means packing smart. Pack smart, not heavy. Packing light will make it that much easier when you are at the airport and have to carry your bag(s) around from place to place.

Second, it is good to keep in mind some tips regarding the process of checking in at the airport. Make sure to arrive with plenty of time before your flight leaves so that you don’t have to rush through the process of getting your tickets, checking in your bags, and going through security. When you check in your luggage be sure that each item has a tag on it that has your name, address, phone number and destination printed on it. This will make the process of identifying your luggage easier if for some reason it gets lost or misplaced along the way. You may also want to consider putting a copy of this information inside each bag as well just in case the luggage tags fall off or become unreadable somehow during your trip.

Following these simple tips can make traveling by airplane a much more enjoyable experience. If you are prepared, then you are ready for anything!

Arrive at the airport at least 2 hours early to allow plenty of time to get through security. If you are travelling in the summer, you should arrive even earlier if possible.

**Before you leave home**

If you are planning to travel with a laptop or other electronic device, remove it from its case and place it near the top of your carry-on bag so that it can be easily inspected by security personnel.

You must place all liquids and gels in a clear plastic, 1 quart-sized zip top bag. You will need to remove your zip top bag from your carry on baggage and place it on the conveyor belt for X-ray screening. You must also remove coats and jackets and place them on the conveyor belt for X-ray screening.

If you are checking a bag, pack 3 oz bottles or smaller in your carry-on luggage inside a 1 quart zip top bag. Larger sized liquids must be packed in checked baggage.

**At the airport**

All passengers will be screened by walk through metal detectors and X-ray machines before they can enter the boarding area. You will be required to remove your shoes when going through security unless you’re enrolled in TSA Pre check. If you have any metallic implants or medical devices

The security is much higher than what it used to be. You need to arrive at the airport earlier and make sure you are prepared for the increased scrutiny.

Here are some tips that will help you have a safe journey:

– Don’t wear clothes with big pockets, because you might have to empty them and dump out their contents.

– Remove all metal objects from your pockets. Put them in a plastic bag so they can be scanned separately from your body.

– Don’t wear belts or shoes with metal. The metal detector will go off when you walk through it.

– Check your luggage when possible, but don’t put anything valuable in it. It might get lost or stolen.

– Be calm and polite with the security guards, even if they are rude to you. It’s not their fault that the world has changed since September 11, 2001.

– Bring food and drinks with you on the plane, since you won’t be able to buy them once you’re in the air.

Most of the tips in this section are concerned with airport security.

There are certain items not allowed beyond the security checkpoint:

* Liquids & gels, including drinks, creams, cosmetics, toothpaste, and other items of similar consistency

* Aerosols & pressurized containers, including hairspray, shaving cream and spray-on deodorants

* Sharp items, such as knives (including small pocketknives and penknives), box cutters, scissors (any length), metal nail files and clippers.**

Here are some tips for traveling to the USA:

1. Get a visa. Most people need a visa to enter the USA. If you don’t get one, you will be refused entry and sent back home on the next flight. You should apply for it at least one month before your intended travel date.

2. Don’t overstay your visa. The visa may have an expiration date or say “duration of status” (D/S). If it says D/S, you should leave the US when your I-20 expires. If you overstay, you may be barred from re-entry for 3 years or 10 years (see INA 212(a)(9)(B)).

3. Bring all valid documents with you. For example, bring your passport, I-20, F-1 visa stamp and I-94. Don’t leave them in your suitcase or anywhere else in the US; always carry them with you when leaving the country so that they can be inspected by a border officer on your way back in to the US.

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