9 Travel Essential Products That You Don’t Want To Leave Home Without! {Your Latest Travel Bag Must-Haves}

Traveling for work can be difficult, especially when you have to worry about all the extra stuff that goes into your bag. Most people are traveling with a laptop, phone and tablet in hand, but what about those smaller items? You know the ones…the ones that make your flights easier and more comfortable. The ones that makes you feel like a VIP in transit? Here’s out top 10 travel essential products to add to your latest travel bag must-haves!

1. Eye mask: Eye masks are lifesavers for overnight flights when the lights are on full blast and everyone around you is awake. I recently upgraded to this silk eye mask by Slip and its amazing. Not only does it block out light, but it also doesn’t leave marks on your face.

2. Headphones: I’ve been using wireless headphones since they first came out (or at least it seems that way) and they are a godsend when I’m flying or working out of coffee shops. They allow me to stay connected but still get work done without being distracted by people around me. Check out these Bose wireless headphones as an option in your latest travel bag must-haves!

3. Noise Machine: Similar to the eye mask idea, noise machines

When traveling, you want to be comfortable, which means having the right products. Think about the toiletry bag that you pack for your travels. Do you have all the essentials that you need? If not, we are here to help you. Below are 9 travel essential products that we don’t think you should leave home without!

{Travel Lock} Travel Locks are a MUST when traveling. They’re small and compact so they will fit easily into your toiletry bag or purse. This is an especially great item if you’re staying in a hostel or any other place with shared bedrooms/bathrooms. You can also use travel locks on bags, suitcases and other items to keep them safe from thieves.

{Travel Shaving Kit} While most men don’t like to shave while they’re traveling, they still need their razors just in case they get caught off guard. After all, who wants to show up to a meeting with facial hair? Yes, it’s true most men can grow a beard in no time at all, but there’s something about those first few days of stubble that makes most people feel less than professional.

{Lip Balm} Dry lips are common problem during air travel because of the dry air inside airplanes.

I love to travel, but one of the things I hate the most is packing. I always have a billion things to bring and an extremely tiny suitcase to pack them all in. I have to really think it through and plan ahead, so I don’t accidentally leave behind something important. Since I travel often, I’ve learned some very valuable lessons on which toiletry bag must-haves are absolutely necessary, and which ones I can usually do without.

Below is a list of my top nine travel essential products that you don’t want to leave home without.

{contents of toiletry bag}

Are you ready to make your next trip the best one ever? As a frequent traveler, I know how important it is to have just the right toiletries in your bag. So, I want to show you some must-have items that will keep you looking and feeling fresh for your next flight. These are my top 9 travel essential products that will change your life!

1. Dry Shampoo {Bumble & Bumble}

The first item on my list of 9 travel essential products is a dry shampoo. This is a time-saver because there’s no need to take a shower! Instead, just spray in your roots, let it sit for 5 minutes and brush out. Make sure to pack this in a clear plastic bag or the TSA will throw it away.

2. Face Mist {Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist}

A face mist is another one of my must-haves for long flights. It’s great for freshening up during the flight and also after you land to prevent your skin from drying out during travel.

3. Hand Lotion {Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm}

This hand lotion has the perfect non-greasy texture and it smells

1.Oil absorbing sheets! They are a must and because they are so thin, you can bring a ton of them with you!

2.Hand sanitizer is the way to go — and the little travel size ones are perfect for your trip!

3.Just about every woman loves her make up, but when traveling not only does it take up space it tends to be heavy! Use packable make up or use what you have but in travel size containers!

4.For that long trip, you will need to keep your skin looking fresh, clean and moisturized! Make sure you have a great face wash and moisturizer on hand while traveling — if you want something more natural we love the Bare Minerals line – they have tons of amazing products that are perfect for your skin!!

5.If you are traveling, especially during the summer months, make sure your lips stay in tip top shape with some chapstick or lip balm!

6.Tampons, pads, liners — Its always good to be prepared — no matter where you are going!! If you want to avoid any extra weight {or if they dont sell tampons where you are going} try packing some reusable cloth pads instead — they are great for travel and easy

1. Makeup Wipes

I don’t know about you, but I have never been on a trip {or even just to work} that didn’t require me to do a quick re-touch! To avoid leaving my entire makeup bag at home, I always stash one or two makeup wipes in my bag. They are especially helpful after a day of shopping and eating out, when your face could use a refresh.

2. Sunscreen

Protecting your skin from the sun is important every day, but even more so on vacation! Don’t forget to pack a travel size sunscreen for your next trip. My favorite is the Supergoop! Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50 with 100% Mineral Filters, because it can be applied over makeup and doesn’t leave a greasy residue like some sunscreens can.

3. Lotion

Jet setting can leave your skin feeling {and looking} dry and dull because of the recycled air in planes and changes in climate at your destination. Keep your skin hydrated with a good lotion!

4. Mini Hair Dryer/Hair Straightener Combo

If you are traveling to an exotic location where nobody knows you may be tempted {like me} to let yourself go and rock some frizz

When it comes to travel, most everyone has a bag of tricks.Whether for work or for play, we all have items that become our go-to’s when heading out of town.

In an effort to streamline my travel routine, I’ve curated a list of some travel essentials that are easy to use and pack light!

I hope you’ll find these as helpful as I have!{Are you ready to get packing?}

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