7 Most Unusual Vacation Destinations

7 Most Unusual Vacation Destinations: A blog about strange but fun vacation spots

By Tim Jollymore

The most relaxing and rejuvenating vacations are often the ones that take us to the strangest places. It’s easy to escape the world when you’re lying on a beach in the Bahamas, but if you want to truly get away from it all, you’re going to have to go somewhere a little farther off the beaten path. There are hundreds of strange but beautiful destinations all over the world, many of which are still practically untouched by human development. If you’ve got an adventurous spirit, here are seven unusual vacation destinations that should be right up your alley:

Looking for your next trip? Look no further! Here are 7 of the most unusual vacation destinations:

1. Iceland

No list of unusual vacation spots is complete without Iceland. Nowhere else can you see towering volcanoes rise between fields of ice, or spouting geysers erupting in the distance. The Blue Lagoon is another popular tourist attraction, and a unique place to relax after exploring the island. Iceland is only a short flight away from most parts of Europe, but feels like it’s a world apart.

2. Bora-Bora

Bora-Bora might seem like an obvious destination to pick, but it’s not just crystal clear waters and white sand beaches that make this island so special. While it’s true that relaxing on the beach is one of best ways to spend your time here, there’s also plenty to discover away from the shoreline. Hiking through the mountains is a great option for those who prefer more active vacations.

3. Santa Cruz del Islote

Santa Cruz del Islote is located just off the coast of Colombia, and is home to about 1000 people crammed into about half a square kilometer (0.2 square miles). This tiny island demonstrates how friendly and welcoming the locals are here

If you are looking for someplace new to go on vacation, look no further than these 7 unusual vacation destinations.

You’ve been to the Grand Canyon, Disneyland and Disney World, Mount Rushmore and the Statue of Liberty. You’re probably looking for something a little different to do this year. Well, I have a solution: try going somewhere new and different. Here are some places that are sure to provide you with memories unlike any others you’ve had in the past.

1. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the most famous landmarks in Italy. The tower is open for tours during the summer months and is free to enter at certain times of day if you live in Europe.

2. Devil’s Tower in Wyoming was once an active volcano that now stands 300 feet over the surrounding landscape. There is a base trail you can hike around the monument, but it is not allowed to climb it due to its sacred status among Native Americans.

3. The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California was built by Sarah Winchester after she inherited millions from her husband’s gun-making business and became convinced she had been cursed by all those killed by Winchester rifles. The mansion contains staircases that lead nowhere, doors

1. The North Pole

Ever dreamed of traveling to the North Pole? Even though you can’t just jump on a plane, it’s not as hard as you might think. There are tour companies that will take you there by boat or even by foot. It may be hard to believe, but it is possible to visit the North Pole, especially during the summer when the ice melts.

2. Chernobyl

After a nuclear disaster in 1986, Chernobyl was evacuated and left abandoned for years. Today, it has become a tourist destination for those looking for something different. Because of radiation concerns, visitors are only allowed to stay for short periods of time and must wear protective clothing at all times.

3. Antarctica

The coldest place on Earth is certainly one of the most unusual vacation spots. You can travel here by cruise ship, sailboat or research station. Nearly all visitors come between November and March when temperatures are warmer and there is more sunlight. It can get down to -90 degrees Fahrenheit in July!

4. The Galapagos Islands

Charles Darwin made his scientific discoveries here in 1835 and this remote island has been drawing tourists ever since. Here you’ll find an abundance of wildlife that has no fear of humans — which makes for some great

1. Burning Man Festival In the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, a festival is created by its participants, who are active in art, community, self-expression, and self-reliance. The festival takes place during the last week of August.

2. Iceland You can see the glaciers and volcanoes, see the geysers and lava fields and just enjoy yourself in nature’s hot tubs.

3. Galapagos Islands For tourists interested in evolutionary biology and nature lovers in general, there is no better vacation spot than these islands off the coast of Ecuador.

4. Area 51 Popularly known as Area 51, this secret military base is located about 90 miles north of Las Vegas on a dry lake bed known as Groom Lake.

5. Faroe Islands The Faroes are an island group situated between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean around 300 miles off the coast of Scotland and halfway between Iceland and Norway.

6. Tuvalu One of the smallest countries in the world is Tuvalu which is located in the South Pacific Ocean between Australia and Hawaii.

7. Trans-Siberian Railway The Russian government used to discourage foreign visitors from coming to Siberia but now they are encouraging it with their “Visit Siberia” tourism campaign

1. The Volcano House, Iceland – For people who want to do more than just look at a volcano, this is the place to go. You can actually take a hike through the lava fields of the volcano and then relax in the hot springs afterward. The searing magma of the volcano provides you with a unique bathing experience that you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

2. Dwarf Empire, China – This tourist attraction is not for the faint of heart. The main tourist activity consists of being paraded around like a show animal before being forced to dance for visitors and other dignitaries. Although some might say this is both cruel and embarrassing, others are willing to pay for it.

3. Fukushima Exclusion Zone – Located near Tokyo, Japan, this is one of the most interesting places on Earth because it has remained untouched since 2011 when an earthquake caused a tsunami that killed hundreds of people and destroyed the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. This means that there are still buildings here that are intact and have not been touched since people fled the area. If you’re willing to risk radiation poisoning, then this might be an interesting place for you to visit.

4. El

1. The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

2. The Bermuda Triangle

3. The Area 51 military base

4. Transnistria: Europe’s last dictatorship

5. North Korea

6. Antarctica

7. Tuvalu

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