5 Ways to Save on International Travel in 2016

As the price of airfare continues to drop, international travel is more achievable than ever before. By following a few simple steps, you can drastically lower your costs and begin exploring the world beyond your borders. Here are five ways to save on international travel in 2016.

1. Check out sites like Priceline and Travelocity for last-minute deals on flights, hotels and car rentals.

2. Travel with others; splitting the costs on everything from hotel rooms to cab fare can add up quickly.

3. Use plane tickets as a way to earn airline miles that can be used for future trips; credit cards are another smart way to earn points for free plane tickets and hotels.

4. Avoid booking tours or renting cars ahead of time; you’ll get better prices once you’re at your destination and will have more freedom to explore on your own terms, instead of on someone else’s schedule.

5. Consider using local currency instead of traveler’s checks or credit cards for most purchases; it will cost less in transaction fees and allow you to more accurately budget what you’ll be spending as opposed to other options where you may not know until days later how much you’ve spent in total.

It’s never been easier to see the world. But traveling abroad can be expensive, and sometimes even intimidating. Here are five tips to help you save on international travel in 2016:

1. Avoid peak season

Planning ahead is key to traveling abroad. You’ll not only save money, but also avoid crowds and long waits at tourist attractions.

2. Leave room for adventure

Having an itinerary is great, but always leave room for new experiences and adventures. You may stumble upon a unique local restaurant or get invited to a block party in Italy!

3. Pack light

Less is more when you’re traveling internationally. You’ll want to keep your luggage light so that you can travel freely while on your trip, especially if you plan on going from city to city.

4. Travel with friends or family

Traveling with friends or family will not only make your trip more enjoyable, it will also reduce costs by splitting the bill! Sharing rooms and splitting meals are great ways to save money when traveling abroad.

5. Get travel insurance for peace of mind

No matter where you go in the world, travel insurance will give you peace of mind when you’re abroad. From lost luggage to medical care, travel insurance covers everything so that you can focus

According to the Global Business Travel Association, business travel spending is expected to reach $1.25 trillion by the end of 2015 — an increase of 7.2% from 2014. The extensive report also projects that spending will grow at a rate of 6.9% each year through 2017, topping $1.5 trillion in annual expenditures by 2019.

A significant portion of this growth is attributed to international travel, which has increased by nearly 4% in the last year alone, with no signs of slowing down.

These numbers are enough to make any executive’s wallet cringe — particularly those who are traveling abroad for the first time (or even worse, those who do so frequently). But there are ways to cut costs and still see everything you want to on your next trip abroad.

Here are five ways that travelers can save money on international travel in 2016:

There are many ways to save on international travel, here are some of our favorite ideas.

1. Go during the off-season

High season in Europe is June through August, and during this time prices will be considerably higher and the crowds significantly larger. Although you may have to deal with miserable weather, you can save a lot by traveling during the off-season months of November through April.

2. Consider alternate airports

3. Compare flights from different airlines

4. Pack light and avoid baggage charges

5. Skip the hotel and stay in an Airbnb

Choosing an affordable destination:

Traveling internationally does not have to break the bank. There are many affordable and exciting cities that are perfect for budget travelers. For example, Phnom Penh in Cambodia is an amazing city to visit with a rich culture and history and full of delicious food. It’s also very affordable with the average cost of a three course meal costing $5 USD and rooms for rent as low as $10 USD.

Another great city for budget travelers is Krakow, Poland. The city is full of beautiful architecture, lively nightlife and has so much history to discover. It’s also very cheap to travel around with most attractions costing under $10USD per person. A room in a hostel costs around $8 USD on average, making it the ideal place to visit on a budget!

Staying in hostels:

Staying in hostels is one of my favorite ways to save money while traveling internationally because you get to meet so many people from all over the world! Hostels are also an affordable way to stay while traveling internationally because they offer the cheapest rates available.

For instance, if you were traveling to London, England it would be much cheaper (and more fun!) to stay in a hostel rather than

1. Book on the Right Day: The cheapest time to fly internationally is 54 days before the flight, according to a recent study from Travelocity.

2. Avoid Flying on Weekends: To save money, avoid flying on weekends, which are typically more expensive for international flights.

3. Watch for Flight Sales: The best way to find cheap flights is by signing up for alerts from travel sites like Skyscanner or Airfarewatchdog. They will email you about deals and sales, so you can book the cheapest flight possible.

4. Fly Budget Airlines: Budget airlines are not just for trips within Europe, but are also a good option for cheap flights around Asia and even the U.S., Canada, and South America.

5. Make Layovers Work For You: If you’re willing to put up with a long layover, you could score a much cheaper deal than if you flew nonstop.

1. Fly to Your Destination Indirectly

If you take the time to fly to your destination indirectly, you could save hundreds of dollars on international flights. A flight from San Francisco to Delhi is about $1,000 cheaper if you fly from San Francisco to London, and then from London to Delhi. If you are tired of spending thousands of dollars on international flights (as I was), consider taking a trip indirectly.

2. Sleep in the Airport

If you have an overnight flight to your destination, consider sleeping in the airport before the flight. For example, if you were going from San Francisco to London for a few days before continuing on to Delhi, consider sleeping in the airport both ways instead of staying in a hotel.

3. Bring Your Own Food and Water

Before getting on your international flight, bring your own food and water with you. Spending $5-$10 on food during a layover can add up over time (especially if you have multiple long layovers). So buy some snacks and water at the airport before boarding your flight.

4. Book Flights Before Visiting Travel Agencies

Airlines give travel agencies discounts for booking large groups of people on flights together (sports teams, business conferences, etc.). But the airlines don

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