5 Vacation Destinations Perfect For the Photo-Loving Traveller

Have you ever thought about taking your passion for photography to a whole new level? Then this list is especially for you. We’ve put together five of the most photo-friendly destinations in the world, each with its own unique charm and attractions. So grab your camera, some extra memory cards, and a pair of comfortable shoes as we explore five vacation destinations perfect for the photo-loving traveller.

1. London

With its iconic buildings and centuries of history, London is a city with endless photo opportunities. Start off by getting the best view of London from up high in The Shard. This marvel of modern engineering stands over 1,000 feet tall and offers an unrivalled view of the city below. From there, head over to the Tower Bridge for an up close look at one of the most famous bridges in the world. Don’t forget to snap some photos on Westminster Bridge or Southwark Bridge; both offer incredible views of London’s most famous landmarks like The Big Ben, Westminster Palace and St Paul’s Cathedral.

2. Tokyo

Tokyo is a dazzling city with lots to see and even more to photograph. If you’re looking for traditional Japanese architecture then head down to Asakusa where you can find the famous Sensoji Temple and Kaminarimon

There are so many beautiful places in the world, it can be hard to narrow down where you should go next. As a professional photographer, I’ve found myself in some truly spectacular places over the past few years – from a remote island off the coast of Alaska to the bustling streets of New York City.

Here are 5 destinations that are perfect for a photo-loving traveller:


I’d recommend starting your trip in Reykjavík and driving along the south coast of Iceland. Visitors will find incredible scenery at every turn; from beaches to waterfalls, volcanoes to glaciers. The best part? Unlike many other destinations, Iceland is less crowded than ever with tourists!

Oh, the joys of summer: lounging by the pool, long bike rides, lazy beach days. And, of course, vacation. The only thing better than a trip to an exotic locale is being able to share it on Instagram with all your friends and followers.

But what are the best places to travel if you love photography? From Iceland’s jagged peaks and lush valleys to New Orleans’ vibrant nightlife, here are five destinations worth visiting this summer if you’re a photo-loving traveller.


The land of the midnight sun has no shortage of stunning landscapes to capture. From beautiful waterfalls like Gullfoss and Seljalandsfoss to striking lava fields and glaciers, Iceland is a photographer’s dream. And that’s not even mentioning the country’s picturesque capital city Reykjavik where colourful buildings, quaint boutiques and live music venues line the streets.

New York City

Whether you’re capturing street art in Brooklyn or snapping skyline shots from above at One World Observatory, there’s so much to see in NYC that you’ll never run out of new places to photograph. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle for a bit and take some more natural photos, head over to Central

If you’re a photographer—whether professional or amateur—wherever you go, your camera goes with you. You’re always looking for the perfect shot that tells the story of where you are and what you’re experiencing in just one frame.

From beautiful beaches to dramatic mountain ranges, here are 5 vacation destinations that every photographer will want to add to their travel bucket list.

If you’re a world-class photographer on assignment for National Geographic, you can pretty much photograph anything in the world and get paid for it. Everyone else, though, has to think hard about what they take pictures of and whether or not they’ll be able to use them commercially.

If you’re an aspiring travel photographer, or even just a hobbyist who wants to travel with their camera, there are several destinations that I believe are almost guaranteed to help you capture some great photos.

Cinque Terre is not the easiest place to get to, but once you’ve arrived it’s extremely photogenic. The crowds of tourists mean that if you’re looking for moments of solitude or interaction with locals you’ll have to get up early or stay out late.

The most convenient place to stay if you want easy access to the city’s most popular areas is in the area around Stazione Termini in central Rome.

So how do you take beautiful photographs of Venice? It’s really all about composition – finding interesting subjects and composing your shots so that everything looks nice. As for when to visit, that depends on how busy you want the city to be when you’re there.

Looking for a fun and exciting vacation? A trip to the Caribbean is just what you need. As one of the most popular vacation spots in the world, the Caribbean has a lot to offer. From watersports, to museums and historical sites, there is something to do for everyone.

To help you plan your next trip, here are five of the top Caribbean vacation destinations:

1. Bermuda

From its beautiful beaches and historic landmarks to its amazing nightlife and shopping, Bermuda is one of the best Caribbean vacations for families. This island nation also offers a variety of water sports like snorkeling, diving and parasailing, as well as zoos, aquariums and parks filled with native wildlife.

2. Bahamas

The Bahamas is one of the best Caribbean vacations for couples on a honeymoon or romantic getaway. The islands feature some of the best beaches in the world with soft white sand and crystal clear water. You can also find plenty of outdoor activities such as kayaking, horseback riding and zip lining through the tropical forests.

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