20 Tips For Your Flight To Spain / Italy / Australia

Now that you’ve booked your flight to Barcelona, Italy or Australia, here are 20 tips to make the most of your flight!

1. Plan on a meal

2. Bring entertainment

3. Dress comfortably

4. Be kind to your body and mind

5. Know what you can and can’t bring onboard

6. Get comfortable (get an eye mask)

7. Watch what you eat and drink

8. Keep your wallet handy

9. Keep an eye on your stuff

10. Avoid jet lag at all costs!

11. Pack wisely for customs & immigration

12. Don’t forget about layovers (if you have one)

13. Have a printed copy of your itinerary handy in case of tech failure or loss of phone battery (or both!)

14. Bring a pen! You’ll need it for customs forms.

15. Wear the right shoes and clothing (no sweatshirts with hoods) if going through security checkpoints; remember to remove watches, belts and jewelry beforehand and place them in the tray along with shoes and laptop while going through security screening points at airports; also remember to take off your jacket or sweater as well to go through the screening check point, otherwise it will slow down the screening process

1. Your ticket is your passport. Before you leave, check the expiration date. If your passport expires in less than six months, ask if it’s necessary to renew before the trip.

2. Keep your ticket handy and make copies of it, in case it gets lost or stolen. Leave a copy at home with a relative or friend. Avoid carrying valuables in your carry-on bag; they may attract thieves or be damaged by baggage handlers.

3. Check with the airline about its luggage policy and any extra fees for baggage that exceeds weight limits or for oversized items such as skis or golf clubs. Consider shipping these items instead of paying an extra fee to transport them on the plane, especially if you’re flying internationally and will have to pay baggage fees for both legs of the trip.

4. Double-check all your baggage tags to ensure that they include your name, address and phone number as well as the destination address where you will be staying once you arrive in Spain / Italy / Australia, just in case something should get lost or misdirected along the way.

Before you fly to Spain, Italy or Australia make sure you are prepared for your international flight. You can make your journey much more comfortable by following some of these international flying tips.

1. Take a jacket. Even if you’re going to a hot country it will be nice to have something for when the air conditioning is too cold or if it’s chilly in the airport.

2. Wear slip on shoes. Don’t wear boots with laces as they could be difficult to get off if you’re asked to remove them at security.

3. Take a book, magazine or portable DVD player to pass the time on the plane and in the airport – especially if your flight is delayed!

4. Make sure you have enough food on hand and a bottle of water. Bring some snacks so you don’t have to buy expensive food at the airport or on board the aircraft if your flight doesn’t include meals.

5. If possible take an overnight flight so you can sleep through most of it rather than sitting in an uncomfortable seat for hours trying not to fall asleep!6. Take ear plugs, eyeshades and a neck pillow if you want to try and get some sleep on your flight but they aren’t always supplied by the

Tips for flying to foreign countries

1. Research the country and know what their customs are.

2. Make sure you have a passport.

3. Make a list of everything that you will be bringing on your trip, including everything in your carry-on bag.

4. Plan out your flights and ensure that you have confirmed reservations for each leg of the trip.

5. Try to book your flight during off peak times or at least avoid the busiest time of day to fly.

6. Call the airline before leaving for the airport to check on flight status and/or delays, especially if you are changing planes multiple times (some airlines also send email alerts).

7. Arrive at the airport at least one hour before your domestic flight, two hours before an international flight is scheduled to depart (leave yourself enough time in case of delays, traffic, weather, etc.).

8. Check in with the airline as soon as possible to confirm all flights and seats (have your itinerary handy).

9. Make sure you have all travel documents with you at all times and keep them handy in case they need to be presented again either by airline staff or customs officials at some point along the way (including passports, tickets and any other required documents).

Here are some ways everyone can enjoy a smoother flight when traveling to another country.

1. Get a passport. Some countries require you have six months left on your passport before they let you in. If your passport expires within six months of your trip, renew it before booking a flight. It’s also a good idea to make copies of your travel documents and leave them at home with family or friends in case something happens to them while you’re traveling. It’s wise to scan the documents and email them to yourself as well.

2. Know the currency exchange rate and what the local costs will be for food and lodging. Be ready with small bills because it is not always easy to get change for big bills depending on what country you are visiting.

3. Research how long it takes to get from the airport to your destination, whether by taxi, shuttle or public transportation. You don’t want to be stuck in a foreign country late at night with all of your luggage figuring out where you’re going or how you’re getting there.

4. Research the weather at your destination for the time of year that you are traveling so that you can pack accordingly and know if there will be any particular concerns like flooding or snowstorms that might cause delays or cancellations in travel

1. Do not be afraid of flying!

This is the first and most important rule. Fear is your worst enemy on a flight. Fear robs you of your ability to make sound decisions and think clearly. Fear, rather than the actual flight, is what makes you sick. Be calm and confident, and you will have a great flight!

2. Get enough sleep before your trip.

If you are tired before you even get on the plane, it will be much harder to relax and have a good time in the air. Get a good night’s rest before your flight. If possible, plan to arrive at your destination early in the morning so that you can go to sleep at a reasonable hour that night.

3. Drink plenty of water during your flight.

The air inside the plane is very dry, which can dehydrate you quickly if you do not drink enough water. Drinking alcohol or caffeinated beverages such as coffee or soda should be avoided because these speed up dehydration even further. Before each flight, buy two large bottles of water for yourself, and drink from one bottle on each leg of your flight (if there are connecting flights). This will keep you well hydrated during the entire trip and prevent jet lag symptoms from setting in too quickly when

1. Don’t get to the airport too early, 2 hours before the flight is plenty.

2. Take a pen with you, you will need it for the customs form.

3. Wear slip on shoes, easier to take on and off at security check.

4. Never take your shoes off at the security check, wear socks and slip them on and off.

5. Do not place your passport in your carry-on bag, keep it in your pocket or jacket or purse where it is easily accessible.

6. Do not put any liquids in your carry-on bag, this will have to be checked when you go through security check.

7. Have small bills ready for the airport tax which is usually $25 US dollars but varies by country and if you are paying in cash or credit card.

8. Travel light don’t bring more than 1 suitcase per person as well as a carry-on bag with essentials such as a book, camera, medicine, etc..

9. If you have connecting flights make sure you allow sufficient time between them in case of delays or if one of your flights is cancelled or delayed due to weather conditions or unexpected circumstances beyond the airline’s control such as mechanical problems with the plane etc..


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