12 Reasons to Choose Have a Safe Flight Simulators for Your Next Training Session

1. Have a Safe Flight Simulators are the most cost-effective way to train for any pilot for any part of the world.

2. You can customize your training to suit your needs.

3. Have a Safe Flight flight simulator will give you the best training with its latest technology and design.

4. We are proud to offer our customers, the best flight simulators in the market at the lowest prices.

5. We offer the most comprehensive, diverse and flexible program options available in the field of aviation training and education.

6. Our flight simulation is a perfect tool for flight training, educational research, and professional development of pilots, air traffic controllers and airport operation staffs etc.

7. We have a modern aircraft fleet with high performance facilities to serve your flying needs and provide you with an exceptional experience during your flight training sessions at Have a Safe Flight Simulators Training Centers located around the world.

8. Our professional aviation instructors are highly trained, experienced and dedicated to help you achieve your goals by sharing their knowledge with you at our state-of-the-art facilities.

9. We also offer many more courses such as PPL, CPL, IR & MCC which can be customized according to your needs or requirements as

Simulator training is the most effective way for pilots to practice flight maneuvers and procedures, but not all simulators are created equal. Have a Safe Flight offers affordable, full-motion flight training with FAA certified instructors from anywhere in the world.

1. The Only Full-Motion Simulators on the Market:

Have a Safe Flight’s flight training devices are the only FAA approved Level 6 full-motion simulators available for sale on the market today. These devices have been designed to provide immersive experiences that closely emulate real flight situations, so pilots can be trained more quickly and safely.

2. Experienced Trainers:

Have a Safe Flight’s team of experienced trainers have logged thousands of hours flying military, commercial and private planes. They are equipped to train pilots on all types of aircraft, including Boeing 737, 747, 757 & 767 as well as Airbus A319, 320 & 321 series aircraft.

3. Affordability:

Have a Safe Flight’s flight training devices are the most affordable full-motion simulators on the market today. They provide an incredibly realistic experience at a much lower cost than traditional simulator rental options—great for pilots who want to supplement their existing training methods or who need recertification credits without breaking the bank.


We know you want to be the best pilot. With our Flight Simulator training, you can improve your skills and become a better pilot.


No matter your experience level, we have a flight simulator that will help you reach your goals.


Our simulators are FAA Level 5 qualified and used by airlines worldwide.


You can practice anytime, because we’re open 24/7. No appointment needed.


It is safe and cost-effective to train on a simulator instead of an aircraft for many scenarios. You don’t risk damaging an airplane or putting yourself in danger if you make a mistake during practice.


And it saves money – but only if you train at Have A Safe Flight! Our prices are often up to 75% less than the competition’s pricing! You get the same high-quality training for less cash!$$$


Our flight simulator training programs are trusted by airline pilots and aviation enthusiasts all over the world. We have trained pilots from 55 countries in the last year alone!$$$


Our simulators are housed in a state-of-the-art facility, with top-notch customer service. We are located right next to McCar

From Algo-Rhythms to the Cockpit:

The flight simulators you’ll find at Have a Safe Flight are designed to be cutting edge, providing you with the most realistic experience possible.

Our flight simulators include:

High Fidelity Displays (HOST) for all our Level C and D Full Flight Simulators.

Boeing 737NG, Airbus A320, Bombardier CRJ200 and Citation XLS full motion flight simulators.

Flight training devices (FTDs) for the Boeing B737 (Level 5), Airbus A320 (Level 5) and Bombardier CRJ200.

Two Motion Based Advanced Jet Training Devices.

All of our flight simulators are approved by Transport Canada, Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), FAA and DGCA India. Learn more about our simulators in the tabs below:

The most critical aspect of flight training is repetition. Repeating the same maneuvers, over and over again, ensures that the knowledge you are attaining becomes second nature. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most expensive aspects of training – booking flight time costs an average of $100/hr., and when you’re just starting out, you may not be ready to do typical maneuvers that require an instructor onboard.

Have a Safe Flight simulators can help you get the repetition you need at a fraction of the cost.

Our simulators are affordable

While we do offer more advanced simulators such as the Frasca 142 Level 6 simulator with G6 visual system, we also offer affordable home training devices like our Frasca TruFlite GX simulator. This entry-level device lets you practice basic maneuvers without ever leaving your home!

Our simulators provide a realistic experience

TruFlite GX simulators use real aircraft instruments to provide a true-to-life flying experience. The Frasca TruFlite GX provides realistic handling characteristics using proprietary flight models developed by a world class aeronautical engineer on staff at Frasca International. These flight models have been verified by actual pilots and instructors on staff at Frasca International.

Our simulators provide feedback

1. Our simulators are built to the same safety standards as the latest aircraft

2. Our simulators have the same look, feel and performance of the aircraft you fly

3. Our simulators are designed by pilots for pilots

4. Our simulators are certified to meet global standards and regulations*

5. Our simulators reduce fuel consumption, emissions and noise pollution*

6. Our simulators allow pilots to train in a variety of weather conditions without leaving the ground*

7. Our simulators reduce pilot fatigue caused by travel and overnight stays*

8. Our simulators provide a safe environment for error management training*

9. Our simulators allow pilots to operate with any crew mix, reducing the costs of training*

10.Our simulators are available 24/7, allowing you to train when it suits you best*

11.Our simulators give you access to more than 50 locations around the globe*

12.Our simulator sessions can be combined with on-the-job training*

Our instructors are highly experienced with an average of 20,000 flying hours.

Our flight simulators are equipped with the latest technology and can replicate any aircraft type.

We have the ability to customize aircraft systems and cockpit layouts to suit your needs and create unique scenarios.

Our flight simulators are located at our facilities in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Halifax.

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