10 Ways to Make Your Next Trip More Memorable

“Traveling is a brutality. It forces you to trust strangers and to lose sight of all that familiar comfort of home and friends. You are constantly off balance. Nothing is yours except the essential things – air, sleep, dreams, the sea, the sky – all things tending towards the eternal or what we imagine of it.”

– Cesare Pavese

People go on trips for many reasons: to escape the monotony of daily life; to see new places; to gain a new perspective about themselves or about the world in general.

While travel can be wonderful, it can also be frustrating and even traumatic. There are so many places that people want to see and so little time. In addition, traveling is expensive. When you finally do get a chance to go on a trip, you want it be memorable in all the right ways. Here are 10 ways to make sure your next trip will be as memorable as possible.

There are two ways to travel. The first is the typical way most people travel, where there are no surprises and everything is planned out. This kind of travel is typically pretty safe and boring.

The second way to travel is like a local, going off the beaten path and seeing things that most tourists don’t see. I prefer this type of travel because it is more adventurous and allows you to see cities in a different light.

Below are 10 tips for making your next trip more memorable:

1) Research your destination

Traveling is a great experience and should be something to look forward to. Many people see traveling as a way to escape the daily grind, re-energize, and relax. However, not all trips are created equal. Some may even become a source of stress and anxiety. It doesn’t have to be that way though. With a little bit of preparation, you can make your next trip more memorable.

1. Visit unique places in cities you travel to

Every city has hidden gems that are off the beaten path. These are places that most tourists never make it to and give you an authentic experience of what it’s like in the city. For example, instead of going to the Hard Rock Cafe in London, why not visit a local pub? This will give you a chance to mingle with local people, soak up the culture, and even try the local food that’s not listed on tourist’s guidebooks.

Another idea is to visit places like parks, gardens or museums which are often free or cheap but offer great experiences for visitors. The best part about these places is that they’re usually very quiet and peaceful so you can really enjoy them without being bothered by crowds of people (try visiting Kew Gardens on a sunny weekend if you want an idea

1. Make it personal instead of generic

Have you ever stopped to think about what makes a trip truly memorable and worth sharing with others? When we travel, we expect to be entertained, but often that entertainment comes from the same ideas and places that many others have enjoyed before us. The problem is that these experiences tend to become “generic” rather than truly personal. In other words, the trip is memorable because you had fun with your friends and family, but wouldn’t be as enjoyable if you were traveling alone with your thoughts.

To overcome this problem, make sure that your next destination has something unique or personal about it – a local festival or hidden treasure, for example. This will create a memory that is more about you than about the destination itself.

2. Don’t just visit; experience

While some people may prefer to plan every moment of their trip, there is no better way to get to know a new place than by simply experiencing it firsthand. As the saying goes, sometimes getting lost is the best way to find yourself! Even if you only have a couple of days in your destination, make sure that you spend at least a little time exploring on your own without an agenda or tourist map in hand.

3. Take

Walking around a new city is one of the best ways to get to know it. I’m often most comfortable in cities where I’ve walked the length and breadth, but if you’re not a big walker, this advice can apply to other forms of transport too.

I think the reason walking is so effective for me is threefold: firstly, you’re seeing things on your own time (without being rushed by a guide), secondly, you’re absorbing a more organic experience of the city (as opposed to structured information), and thirdly, it gives you perspective on the city as a whole (you’ll be able to see relationships between neighbourhoods that weren’t immediately obvious).

So if your trip involves spending time in cities anywhere, try and make time to walk around them. If you’re pressed for time, don’t try and cover too much ground; just choose one or two neighbourhoods and have a look around.

When it comes to travel, most of us want to see and do as much as possible. We don’t want to miss anything. And so we rush from one activity to the next, feeling like we have to take advantage of every opportunity that comes our way.

But there’s a problem with this approach: when you do too many things, it becomes difficult to remember them all.

After each trip, what do you find yourself saying?

“Wow, that was amazing!”

“I saw so many cool places!”

“It was such an incredible experience…”

1. An experience in a new culture

2. More than one adventure

3. A good mix of the familiar and the new

4. A great place to stay, especially if it’s unique

5. A few meaningful souvenirs

6. A theme-related book or two (or three)

7. Just the right amount of pampering

8. Great food, preferably with a local flavor

9. More than one kind of transport

10. A taste of luxury

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